Earn Money By Booking Phones In Flash Sales

by Faiez | Last Updated: August 29, 2020

Thousands earn money by booking phones in flash sales. If you too want to make some money by just booking phones in flash sales, you have landed on the right page.

Making money has never been easy. This statement is the old school thought that internet has turned obsolete.

Thanks to internet! We live in the times when earning money has been made possible with just a mobile device.

There are number of ways that one can opt for to make money by using a mobile phone and internet.


In this blog post, I will share a very less known but genuine way to earn money by booking phones in flash sales.

Mobile Book And Earn

As simple as the title, is the process of booking and earning money. I will tell you A-Z of the process of earning in flash sales.

From how much you can earn to how you can join the program immediately.

If you are looking for some extra bucks in your pocket without spending a penny, this is way to earn money is the best thing you can come across the internet.

Who Can Book & Earn Money?


Yes! You can too. Because I am assuming you are here with a mobile device or a computer with internet connection too. That’s all you need to have in order to earn money by booking phones in flash sales.

How It Works?

You might want to know, you can earn money by ordering mobile phones. So making it simple. Just follow three simple steps to book & earn money quickly:

  1. You will be provided details to book a phone in flash sale on Flipkart or Amazon.
  2. On sale day you place order to the given addresss.
  3. You receive money once your product gets delivered.

That’s it!

make money booking phones - how it works-min
Earn Money By Booking Phones

Book and Earn Whatsapp Group

This is the real part. You will be provided with the details of booking in a WhatsApp Group.

So, you make sure, you join a group that is genuine and really pays. For that I will provide you link to a WhatsApp group that is 100% authentic and genuine in terms of payments.

This group is named as BOOK & EARN. Once you join this group they regularly update booking details & make payments for successfully booked phones that get delivered.


Earn Money By Booking Phones on Flipkart & Amazon

In India, there are some mobile phone brands especially XIAOMI & REALME. They started a trend of setting flash sales on big e-commerce platforms in India.

Usually flash sales are on Flipkart & Amazon. You need to have an account on Amazon and Flipkart once you decide to join book & earn program.

Why They Pay For Booking Phones?

If you too have this question, which is obvious to have for most of the new ones who have just entered into it.

Let me make it clear!

There are 3 parties to the process.

  1. THE BOOKER (You)
  2. THE INTERMEDIATOR (the WhatsApp Group Owner)
  3. The Receiver (The one who gets the product)

The receiver wants to get the phone that is exclusively online and want to earn some profit. It is not possible for them to book multiple phones themselves.

So they take help of an intermediator who has a network of people called bookers.

The intermediator earns a commission from the receiver and gives a part of it to the bookers.

This way all the three parties earn some money. A win win situation for all.

How Much You Can Earn?

The simple answer to this is UNLIMITED!

Flash sales last for seconds & you need to be lucky enough to grab the deal. You can use our chrome extension called FlashSale Magic to increase your chances of booking in the first go.

The more you book, the more you earn.

Usually bookers are paid between 200 to 900 INR for single booking. This depends on the demand of the product in the market to be booked.

If product is in high demand & supply is limited, the booker will get the more commission.

If we assume you earn Rs. 500 for single booking & you manage to book 2 phones in one sale.

You earn 1000 INR in less than 5 minutes!

That a lot of money, given the time you spend for it. There are multiple flash sales every week. So if you become a pro in booking phones in flash sales, you can easily make few thousand rupees every month.

Who would hate earning some extra cash sitting at home using a mobile phone by just ordering a phone?

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and start making money by booking phones in flash sales now!


If you want to start earning you simply join the mobile phone booking group. Once you have joined, order phones & earn money. That simple it is!

If you have any questions to ask about how you can Earn Money By Booking Phones In Flash Sales, please feel free to ask. I am available on all social media platforms. I usually get back faster than the flash sales!