FlashSale Magic Server & Key Details

by Faiez | Last Updated: September 2, 2020

Server & Key details are needed for FlashSale Magic chrome extension to work. In this blog post, I will share how you can get them and activate the chrome extension.

You can read my earlier blog post in order to know more about FlashSale Magic and its working. In this post I will tell you how to configure the extension and get the latest server/key details.

Before you can start using the chrome extension, you need two important details i.e the server and the key.

FlashSaleMagic Server & Key

This extension necessarily asks for server and key details before you can actual use it.

These settings can change very frequently, I have created this blog post to update the latest working server and key.

I would suggest to bookmark this page for easy access.

FlashSale Magic Settings

Server & Key Details

Server – https://fsm-prod.herokuapp.com
Key –

Steps To Configure The Extension

Here is a step by step guide of setting up the chrome extension & using it to buy phones in flash sales on Flipkart.

  1. First of all, Install FlashSale Magic In Chrome Browser.
  2. Once installed, click on the pop-up icon of extension
  3. Now check on I Agree to the terms & conditions
  4. Enter the server & key that we discussed in the first part of this post
  5. Visit the product page on before 5 minutes
  6. It will automatically add your product to cart
  7. Just enter the captcha & you are done placing the order

Rest is magic

The process it undertakes while buying the product is no less than magic for its users.

This is the best tool one can think of when buying in flash sales comes to mind.


If you too were looking for something magical like this tool, give it a try now.

Don’t forget to let me know, how amazingly it works for you too.


If you want to know in detail, how to buy anything from a flash sale, you can consider reading my previous blog post.

Please contact us if you face any issues, using the server & key details of Flashsale Magic extension.