How To Buy Any Mobile In Flash Sale From Flipkart & Amazon

by Faiez | Last Updated: August 27, 2020

If you too get annoyed by brands like Mi & Realme doing flash sales that don’t even last for few seconds. I will tell you how you can easily place order & and buy any mobile in flash sale from Flipkart or amazon successfully.

There are two ways to place an order during a flash sale. In this post, I will be discussing both of them & recommend you the best way to do it.

Before I tell you the ways to buy a mobile in a flash sale from flipkart & amazon, there are few tips to follow for both the methods.


Please ensure these points before the sale starts:

  1. First & foremost, please check your internet connection. A good internet speed increased the chances of booking in a flash sale by 50%. If you have access to high speed Wi-Fi connection, better use it than mobile data.
  2. Second & most important thing to do, is pre-add the shipping & payment details. So, once your product in in cart, you can quickly pass the checkout process & place order.
  3. Third tip is a choice! But this increase the chances of booking, as per my personal experience. For Flipkart, buy a gift card for the amount you want you want to buy phone for. In Amazon you can add amazon pay balance & use them as payment method for quicker checkout.

These were the basic steps to be done before the sale date & time arrives.

Now let’s look into the ways to buy a phone in flash sale on amazon & flipkart.

The Usual Way

Just do it like everyone else. But in this method, rate of success is around 18% to 40%. I am talking from my own experience with flash sales on amazon & flipkart.

In this method, you wait for the sale time & once buy now button is available you click it.

Chances are rare your click takes you to the cart page, as there are millions others clicking the same button and stock for sale is very much less in number as compared to people who are trying to buy it.

You neeed to be lucky! But waiting for luck is old fashioned now. We have tech for everything now.

For flash sales, we have FlashSale Magic. It is a chrome extension that will help you auto buy any mobile in flash sale from flipkart & amazon with higher success rate.

The Magical Method

I call this method to buy in a flash sale from flipakart or amazon, a magical method.

Because for users looking to buy any mobile in flash sale, there is no better way to do it.

This chrome extension magically adds your product to the cart. Here is how it works!

Using this chrome extension you have the extra power now. Extra power means extra chances of successfully buying in a flash sale.

You add this extension to the chorme browser & it starts working for you. That’s cool enough to give this a try.

Finally I would suggest you to go for the magical method & use FlashSale Magic tool in order to increase you chances of buying from a flash sale.

If you have any questions related to buying any mobile in flash sale from Flipkart & Amazon, feel free to ask. I will respond back faster than the flash sale.